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Broncolor Ringflash C

Special flash lamp with circular flash tube 3.200 J, UV-coated (5.500 K) and with an UV-protecting glass.The Ringflash  is suitable for flash series with large power output as well as for flashing with small power output, due to the high-strength quartz flash tube and the high-power cooling system.

The holder of the special lamp allows to swivel the lamp unit and is equipped with a camera holder and a stand adapter (for camera stand). Due to the adjustable camera holder, the Ringflash C is suitable for almost every camera.


Flash energy:          max. 3.200J


The condition of the item, is shown in the original images.

Current list price by the manufacturer: 2.463,00 €
Delivery time: 3 days after receipt of payment
For deliveries to countries outside the EU can possibly incur additional costs in the form of tariffs or import taxes that are to be paid by you.

Weight 2.65 kg


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